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X Factor 2010: Matt Cardle to win, Cher Lloyd next to go if iTunes star ratings are anything to go by...



Talented: Matt Cardle is iTunes users favourite X Factor contestant

Thousands of X Factor fans are giving a fascinating insight into how the public might vote on the show by giving their verdicts at the online music store iTunes.

Every week, users rate each remaining contestant's performance on the live show, which they can download on the site.

They can then rate each wannabe from one to five stars, and then post their comments underneath.

MailOnline can reveal that Matt has been the best-rated so far, with Cher the worst.

The downloads have led to page after page of comments filled with love - and hate - and gives a nod as to public popularity of those left in the competition - with Matt Cardle coming out a clear winner when it comes to star ratings, landing a total of 15 stars to date.

He's the only contestant with a clean sheet so far, scoring a five star average rating each week.

Snapping at his heels with a total of 13 and a half each however are Aiden Grimshaw and Rebecca Ferguson.

Languishing at the bottom of the star table however - somewhat surprisingly - is Cher Lloyd, who's only amassed nine stars over the past three weeks of live shows.

Obviously, this is not an exact science, but it gives an inkling as to the public mood and reaction to each contestant's performance - regardless of what the judges think.

The number of people who bother to rate each performance or write a review obviously gives a clue as to how many will bother picking up the phone or hitting the red button to vote when the weekend comes around again too.

Mixed bag: Although Aiden Grimshaw has the joint second highest number of stars, some music lovers would like to see him lighten up a bit

The number of comments per week for FYD, Diva Fever, Nicolo Festa and John Adeleye was chronically low in comparison with their competitors - in which case, the lack of comments should be making Paije Richardson feel very worried indeed about his chances this weekend.

Cher has seen a staggering 645 users write a review, and 1756 rate her, whereas only 71 people have taken the time to write down what they think of Paije's live performances, and just 318 to even bother clicking a button to give him a star rating.

Both Matt and Aiiden have a massive following on iTunes too.
There's a huge outpouring of love for Matt with barely a bad word said about him.

Thevickster mirrored what many feel when she wrote: 'Once again, brilliant. Matt was fantastic from the start but still continues to get better and better every week.

'Like others, I wasn't a fan of this song originally, but I can honestly say it is now one of my guilty pleasures! Matt just out classes everyone in the competition.'

Mark Wilson echoed the sentiments, saying: 'Absolute class...a huge star in the making.'

Emma Alexander reflected the views of many about Aiden meanwhile, saying: 'Aiden is such an interesting performer with a really great voice, he injects every performance with feeling. Whenever he performs I just can't look away, he's captivating!'

However, he's not everyone's cup of tea, with Norn Iron Jukebox writing: 'It's like a scene from a thriller horror movie, this portayal of being's just a tad bit weird for me. It's like you're on something. Maybe a couple of years growing up is needed!'

Storm was slated in the reviews before he got the boot after week two of the live shows. There were accusations that his look was just 'too random' with most people complaining about his hair, others accusing him of being 'talentless' with some suggesting he might find a new career as a clown.

Cher has received a surprisingly negative response on iTunes too, with many saying that her rapping is good, but her singing is failing to cut the mustard with many labelling it weak and one person calling themselves Rynothsaint damning her as 'Ms Vanilla Ice'.

Jefflen said: 'Talks her way through songs, can't sing, looks like a Thunderbirds puppet.'

Red hot: Stunnong Rebecca Ferguson has received the second-highest number of stars on iTunes so far, but lags behind Aiden when it comes to the number of ratings and reviews

One Direction appear to have a lot of young female fans judging by the response on the iTunes reviews after this weekend.

Bethanyannef reckons 'Britain needs a new boyband' but Daisy Perkins had some reservations, saying: 'I love this performance, but I think that Harry should get more solos and Liam should get less. They are all hot!'

As for Katie Waissel, it seems many people have now forgiven her over Gamugate. As Bananm005e said: 'I don't like her but I prefer her to Cher, at least Katie can sing.' However, Jasminrave spoke for many when she said: 'Annoying and rubbish.'
As for her performance of I Wanna Be Like You, Maiyuet called it 'horrid' and said 'stupid song choice as well. Go to Butlins!'

However, she seems to be winning people over - Little CM said: 'Amazing and totally entertaining' while Bourne777 said, 'bit by bit, since she's stopped wearing the crazy clothes and dropped the attitude, she's developed every week - liked this week's performance, well done.'

And Grissomvox said: 'I hate this girl, can't stand her, but I can't fauly last night, she did great. I would love to put her down but I can't, damn!'
Treyc doesn't have a large following on iTunes, but those that love her are very vociferous.

Lowest rated: Cher Lloyd is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to how many stars iTunes users reckon X Factor finalists deserve

StephenN18 said: 'Treyc has an amazing voice and hits all the big notes. Proved that she can sing any style of music and make it her own. She's the most genuine person on the show. Treyc to win!'However, Bourne777 said: 'She's got a good voice, but she's not unique.'

Mary has a strong following on iTunes, but some reckon that Louis should try and give her some differently styled material. Eightieskid said of her performance this weekend: 'Tonight was a cop out for her and Louis.

'I want to see her do something that challenges her and us.' Miss Santay agreed, saying: 'I love her voice, but her songs are too similar every week. I would like to hear her do something more current.'

Rebecca Ferguson might consistently be getting four and a half stars every week, but some fans are unsure. Adslife says: 'Screechy voice that I don't get but I appreciate that she could be good.' But overall, iTunes users love her.

Jinnyson said: 'Once again Rebecca, you had me glued to my TV. Even if you don't win (that's a very big if!) you'll still have a massive album', while TrapVader said: 'A classy performance of a classic song,' with Iain Smith saying 'she oozes star quality'.

People seemed to like John but couldn't summon the energy to write much about him on the site - possibly mirroring the fact they couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and vote for him either.

Emsy21 said: 'Wrong song and performance but a good voice!'

Out: Viewers just didn't seem bothered enough to rate, review or star John Adeleye on iTunes - mirrored by the fact the public voted him into the bottom two of the show yesterday

Wagner Carrilho meanwhile has totally divided X Factor fans, with The Original Mrs Orange writing: 'Absolute rubbish - how can people justify keeping this joke on the X Factor? Utter rubbish.'

JohnNdebs however wrote: 'Better songs please Louis! Please show the public that he can actually sing and give him an opera song or something that matches his vocal range not cheesy songs.'

Paije however isn't inspiring many people, with Locojack10 giving him just two stars, and saying: 'I think you've got something, it's just not showing.'

Belle Amie meanwhile are getting big thumbs down, getting their lowest rating yet for their performance of I'll Stand By You on Saturday - just two and a half stars.

The consensus seems to be that they haven't been given - or chosen - the right song yet. As K1mbo said: 'They look good, but I don't think they're strong enough with the standard this year.'

Here are the iTunes facts and figures on the X Factor stars so far this year:

source: dailymail [endtext]

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