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X Factor 2010: Wagner avoids onstage meltdown... but his cheesy performance is panned by Cheryl and Simon



Scantily clad dancers: The Brazilian performed a mash up of Spice Up Your Life and Livin La Vida Loca

He was said to be at breaking point and furious with his song choice.
But 54-year-old Brazilian Wagner still managed to snake hip his way through a cheesy mash up of Spice Up Your Life and Livin La Vida Loca on X Factor tonight.

The outspoken retired PE teacher was all smiles after the performance - but left the majority of the judges somewhat lost for words.

Referring to the theme of the evening, which was guilty pleasures, Cheryl Cole groaned afterwards: There was a lot of guilty going on up there.

Turning to Simon, she added: 'I don't know if there was a lot of pleasure for me... I don't know what to say.'

Simon agreed, before ripping into Wagner's mentor Louis Walsh over the song choice.

Oh no! But it left the judges a little stumped, with Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell agreeing it was more guilty than pleasure in reference to the theme of the night

Give us a break: Danni was also rather unimpressed by the performance, but mentor Louis said it was fun an entertaining

'Do you know how crazy this is Louis you criticising me for song choice, and you give him the Spice Girls.'

Cowell then asked Wagner if he was happy working with Louis, following reports this week that he is furious about all the song choices that have been given to him.

However despite the contestant allegedly having been caught on tape in a rage during a phone call to a friend, Wagner remained professional on stage.

Style wars: Cheryl wore a nude floor-length gown, twisted at the navel to reveal her stomach while Dannii wore a Victoria Beckham draped back dress

Here we go: The judges emerge onto the stage for the third live show of the series

He said he was happy working with Louis, branding him 'wise'.
'He knows I come from a country that is full of dancing,' the hopeful said laughing in his post-performance talk with host Dermot O'Leary.

In what was the third week of the live shows, the contestants upped the bar with a series of strong performances.

On form: Cheryl Lloyd, who has been the subject of an internet hate campaign this week, made it on to stage and put in a confident performance

She's got swagger: The 17-year-old sang a mash up of Blackstreet track No Diggity and Shout by James Corden

Surprisingly, Simon backed Dannii up several times throughout the night, agreeing with her points.

Paije Richardson, 19, opened the show with a pared down rendition of the Rufus and Chaka Khan hit Ain't Nobody.

The cinema worker lifted the roof with his soulful dulcet tones, with his impressive range seeing him put in an all-conquering performance.

Top performance: Katie Waissel was given high praise for her take on King Of The Swingers from the Jungle Book

Most of the judges were complimentary, with mentor Dannii telling him 'you have arrived, the vocals were perfect'.

Cheryl agreed saying: 'It's the most comfortable you've looked.'
Louis was also gushing, and praised him for his bravery for getting on stage despite the death of his grandmother this week.

'You just get better and better as the song goes on. I know you've had a very difficult personal week too.'

Sexy: Rebecca Ferguson turned into a version of Jessica Rabbit as she performed the blues hit Nora Lee King's classic Why Don’t You Do Right

But Simon wasn't impressed with his garish pink blazer jacket.
'I didn't like what you were wearing. The performance was ok and I say that because now you've got to start behaving and acting like a star.'

But he added that the 'end vocal was outstanding,' before advising him: 'You've got to start believing you can win this competition.'

John Adeleye, 29, was next up and performed the 1982 track Zoom by Fat Larry's Band.

In harmony: Belle Amie performed I'll Stand By You, a track by the pretenders which has also been covered by Cheryl's bnad Girls Aloud

The care worker split the judges, with Dannii finding the smooching and backing dancers distracting - and Cheryl agreed.

But she told him he delivered his vocals 'really really well'.
Simon added: 'I was trying to concentrate, but [the dancers] were getting it on in the corner. It reminded me of watching the news once and seeing the newsreader talking as two dogs were mating in the background.'

Mentor Louis said he wanted people to vote for John based on his vocal talents, but admitted: 'The dancers were a bit of a distraction I agree.'
It was a good night for Rebecca Ferguson, with Simon telling her it was the night she turned into a star.

Rock chick: Treyc Cohen turned rock chick with Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

Wearing a Jessica Rabbit style full length red gown, complete with red wig, the 24-year-old single mother crooned to Nora Lee King's classic Why Don’t You Do Right.
'This is the night you turned into a star. I can't fault any part of that. This is so exciting,' Simon told her.

Dannii told her she loved the performance, but said that the look she was carrying off aged her.

Cher Lloyd, 17, who has been at the centre of an internet hate campaign this week, sang as mash up of the Blackstreet track No Diggity and Shout by James Corden.
It saw her put on a Cheryl Cole style performance with a throng of backing dancers as she took to the stage with curly hair and a tracksuit top and pants.

Louis loved her attitude, while Dannii, who was not so in favour of her performance last week, was also full of praise.

Back in the race: Aiden Grimshaw performed Diamonds Are Forever - Cheryl said it was a 'bit intense' but Simon and mentor Dannii disagreed

Simon said it was like watching a true professional.
'I can only tell you Cher it didn't feel like someone taking part in a competition it felt like someone who had had five hit records and was putting in a performance. You are so confident.'

A delighted Cheryl added: 'I want to thank you for being a strong little thing, for getting out there. You are what a popstar should be.'
Cher responded, saying: 'That is the sort of artist I want to be. That was me right there.'

Matt Cardle, 27, had the ladies swooning with an acoustic version of Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

The former painter and decorator brought the house down, receiving a huge applause afterwards.

From the heart: Mary Byrne performed I (Who Have Nothing) by Shirley Bassey, but Simon and Dannii called for her to sing something more modern next time

Cheryl told him: 'That is such an iconic song, but I felt like I was sat in an unplugged session listening to an acoustic artist.'

Simon was equally impressed and told him it was 'incredible'.
His proud mentor Dannii was also delighted her act had done so well while host Dermot O'Leary thank him for not 'doing a Darius'.

Boyband One Direction performed Nobody Knows by Pink.
Dannii praised the performance, but questioned how the track was a 'guilty pleasure' - the theme of the evening's songs.

The other judges looked at her blankly, before Cheryl chipped in: 'You know guys let me put this out there, you are my guilty pleasure.'

Heartthrobs: Boyband One Direction performed Pink's hit Nobody Knows

Liam Payne, left, and Harry Styles, who the band admitted had received the most attention on their outing to London's TopShop this week

Treyc Cohen turned rock chick with Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.
She was joined on stage by an army of backing dancers dressed in red as she performed behind a ring of fire in a black dress with feather shoulder pads.
Despite feeling ill, the 26-year-old call centre worker put in a fantastic performance which impressed all of the judges.

Dannii branded her vocals 'phenomenal' while Cheryl praised her work ethic.
'You've been ill all week but I've not heard one moan or groan out of you,' she told her.

Simon told her she was a 'kitten who turned into a tiger in one week' but did say she missed some of the big notes.
Mary Byrne performed I (Who Have Nothing) by Shirley Bassey.

Unplugged: Matt Cardle sang an acoustic version of Britney Spears's song Hit Me Baby One More Time for which he received huge praise

But while the judges agreed it was a top class effort from the 50-year-old Dublin supermarket worker, Dannii and Simon called for her to sing something a little more modern.

Dannii told her people old and young love her and it would be good to see her take on something like Coldplay.

Simon agreed with her, telling Mary's mentor Louis: 'You can't do the same song every week. You've got to use a little bit of imagination.'

Mary responded to the comments, saying: 'This is the style of singing I've always done. But I appreciate what you're saying.'
Aiden Grimshaw, 18, performed another Bassey hit, Diamonds Are Forever, which has also been covered by Arctic Monkeys.

Cheryl told him the performance was a bit intense, although Simon and mentor Dannii disagreed.

Thumbs up: John Adeleye donned a silver jacket and black trousers as he crooned to Zoom by Fat Larry's Band

Simon told him he was firmly back in the race after a blip last week, while Louis was also in full favour of the performance.

After coming in the bottom three last week, girlband Belle Amie were allowed to chose their own track this week, opting for I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders, a track familiar with Cheryl as Girls Aloud have also covered the track.

However, the reception from the judges was largely luke warm.
Louis had a go at Simon for not giving the girls more support.

Distracting: But some of the judges found the backing dancers' smooching moves a little too much to stomach

Cut it out: Cheryl and Simon both agreed that the dance move got in the way of John's performance

He told them: 'You've got a problem because you are on your own in this competition.
'He [Simon] is putting all his energy into his boyband One Direction.'

Simon responded by calling Louis 'nasty and spiteful' before adding: '[The song] showed you were a group, showed you can make decisions... I thought you did great.'

Dannii told them their style had improved, adding: 'The song choice was not surprising, but it was good.'

Nice voice, shame about the jacket: Paije Richardson was largely praised for his performance, but Simon didn't like the cinema worker's outfit

However she said it was a tough night because the standard was so high and that's where the problem is

Cheryl, naturally, loved the song choice: 'I have to say girls you've got great taste in music. It's very sentimental to me I just wanted to get up there and sing it with you,' she said.

Katie Waissel closed the show with King Of The Swingers from the jungle book.
She was given high praise by all judges. Cheryl said it was a breath of fresh air, while Simon added: 'It shouldn't have worked, but it did. I loved it.'

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