Monday, 1 November 2010

Belle Amie accuse mentor Simon Cowell of spending more time with boy band One Direction following their X Factor exit



Exit: Belle Amie were voted off The X Factor last night after facing Katie Waissel in the final showdown

Thrown together because he did not think they would make it on their own Belle Amie struggled to make an impact on The X Factor.

Now the failed girl band have accused Simon Cowell of caring more about the ‘cute boys’ in One Direction.

Blonde Sophia Wardman insisted that they needed more help because girl groups notoriously always struggle to win over the voting public on the talent show.

The 23-year-old claimed Cowell should have spent more time helping them because One Direction - made up of five handsome teenage boys - were always going to be a hit with the audience.

The group, made up of Niall Horan, 17, Harry Styles, 16, Zain Malik, 17, Liam Payne, 17 and Louis Tomlinson, 18, already have huge fan base of teenage girls, which dominate the voting for this kind of show.

Hundreds queued up outside the Wembley Fountain Studios for a chance to glimpse them at the weekend.

Doing their thing: The girls performing during the Hallowe'en-themed show

Favourite: Belle Amie have accused Simon Cowell of spending too much of his time on One Direction

Miss Wardman explained:‘I think it’s a lot easier for the boys to do well because they’re five cute boys and the girls are always going to love them and they are really good.

‘I think for us, we just wanted a little bit more help, just because it’s harder for us to get people to like us, to get the right song and the right styling.

In an interview with Viking FM, she added: ‘You could put the boys out there in bin bags and sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and they’d go through with flying colours. I think it’s just a lot easier for them than us.’

Publicly Miss Wardman, and fellow bandmates Esther Campbell,17 Rebecca Creighton, 21, and Geneva Lane, 20, have insisted that Cowell was a great mentor but it is understood privately they felt that they needed more attention from him.

Last month, Louis Walsh accused him of only being interested in the boy band, which he manufactured at the Boot Camp stage from five individual singers.

Belle Amie have repeatedly appeared in the bottom two prompting Walsh to say on the show: ‘You've got a problem because you're on your own in this competition.

'Simon is putting all his energies into One Direction and it's not fair. You have no mentor. It's not right. They may be too afraid to say anything but I'm not.’

The group were voted off the show on Sunday night after a sing off with controversial contestant Katie Waissel.

The judges went to deadlock with each having two judges vote each, prompting producers to look at the amount of public votes each act had – with the lowest being axed from the show.

The girl group made a great show of praising Cowell after their departure claiming they had a ‘good working relationship’ and he was ‘very hands on’.

But insiders have said the music mogul knows that One Direction will be the big stars of this year’s series and are his priority.

It has also been claimed that Belle Amie simply struggle to fit together as a band – as they all wanted to be solo singers.

With their mentor: Belle Amie with their mentor Simon Cowell

The group have insisted they will stay together and try and make a career as a band but in the past month there have already been arguments behind the scenes about singing parts and styling.

Show stylist Grace Woodward said: ‘I feel Belle Amie are pulling in different directions. They are four solo girls I am not sure they have gelled as a band. ‘

Fellow contestant Matt Cardle predicted the group would split up within a few months because they ‘simply do not get on well enough’.

One Direction, mother of two Rebecca Ferguson, and Matt Cardle are the main contenders to win this year’s series.

source: dailymail

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