Friday, 5 November 2010

Brad Pitt keeps a watchful eye on tomboy Shiloh as the Jolie-Pitts go zip wiring



Watch me dad! Daring Shiloh prepares to jump off the platform as Brad Pitt keeps a watchful eye

As the daughter of Hollywood Royalty, it would be no surprise if Shiloh Jolie-Pitt were to follow her parents into the world of showbusiness.

And at the tender age of four it appears she could well have a future in the action movies in which her mother Angelina Jolie excels.

Daredevil Shiloh, whose parents met on the set of stunt-packed Mr And Mrs Smith, squealed with glee as she whizzed along the zip wire on a family outing in Budapest.

Daredevil: Shiloh, four, appears to have inherited her action movie star mother Angelina Jolie's daring side

Off she goes: Daring Shiloh's face is a picture of excitement as she wizzes along the wire

As her father Brad Pitt kept a close eye on her, fearless Shiloh jumped off a wooden platform and sped through the air, exposing her gappy teeth as she laughed.

With Brad racing after, Shiloh then clambered through a net tunnel, walked along a single rope and strode out onto a rope bridge.

Her big brother Pax, seven this month, cautiously followed suit.

Let me do it! Shiloh had no concerns about throwing herself onto the zip wire

But tomboy Shiloh's sister, five-year-old Zahara, preferred to watch her siblings from the safety of her mother's arms.

Twins Knox and Vivienne stayed at home, perhaps too young for the outing at two-years old, while Maddox, nine, was possibly at school.

Brad has just returned to Hungary after a whistle-stop trip to New York to promote his new children's movie Megamind, in which he voices Metro Man.

Daredevil: Angelina and Zahara keep a close eye on Pax as he takes a run along a rope bridge

Taking a rest: Zahara and Shiloh are still young enough to want a cuddle from their parents

Pax and Maddox went along for the trip, joining their father at the preview.
But the family are all now back in Europe, where Angelina is currently directing her first feature film.

The 35-year-old Changeling star is said to have enrolled Maddox and Pax in a school in the city, according to People magazine.

A source says: 'She has enlisted her children into [an] elite French-American school that they will attend from next week on.

'The school has a kindergarten, too, where Zahara and Shiloh will attend.'

Raring to go: Pax leads the way as Zahara leads Angelina and Shiloh holds on tight to Brad

Hometime: An exhausted Shiloh sucks her thumb as Brad carries her back to the car

source: dailymail [endtext]

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