Monday, 1 November 2010

Dannii and Cheryl snub Jamiroquai after his foul-mouthed rant before X Factor performance



Snubbed: Jamiroquai performed his new single on the X Factor last night but was ignored by judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole after his derogatory remarks about them

For someone that's been away from the music scene for some time, you'd have thought that Jay Kay would have been more than grateful for some much-needed air time.

But the Jamiroquai front man's return to live television on the X Factor last night went down like the proverbial lead balloon after he hurled foul-mouthed insults at judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole before he took to the stage.

The singer, 40, appeared on the results programme of the ITV talent show last night to perform his new single White Knuckle Ride.

But his set was met with silence from the two ladies who refused to applaud him after he made the foul-mouthed and derogatory remarks about them this weekend.

Jay Kay - real name Jason Kay - called the two judges 'f***ing useless' in an ill-judged interview that appeared in The Sun newspaper.

He said: 'What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You’re useless. The pair of you.

'I mean you look great and I’d like to f****** s**g you but that’s all.'

He added: 'I just don’t like the w**** stuff I have to do. F****** X Factor and that.

Bad reception: Dannii, Louis Walsh, and Cheryl look unimpressed while Simon Cowelll looks on in bemusement

'I’m going to have to sing in front of f****** amateurs. Do you know what I mean?'

But the singer soon regretted his tirade after Dannii and Cheryl sat talking among themselves during his set and refused to applaud him afterwards.

Fellow judge Louis Walsh also snubbed him while Simon Cowell half-halfheartedly applauded the singer.

Usually, all four judges give guest performers a rousing reception and a standing ovation.

Sheepish: Jay Kay tried to save face as he talked to host Dermot O'Leary after his performance and said he'd had a 'wonderful' time

Saving face: Jay Kay tried to make a joke about his comments as Dermot sought a reaction from the judges

Possibly regretting his comments, Jay Kay then tried to save face with host Dermot O'Leary who came on stage after the set.

Looking sheepish, the singer said: 'I have to say, I’ve had reservations about appearing on the show but I’ve had a wonderful day.

'Everybody’s been charming, it’s been wonderful.'

Dermot then asked Jay Kay if he'd met any of the judges before, to which the singer quipped: 'Well, I’ve met two of them.’

No backstage invite: Jay Kay is snapped leaving the X Factor studios after his performance

Enthusiastic: The judges cheered wildly as they gave singer Rihanna a standing ovation

At that point, Cheryl turned stony-faced towards Dannii as they mouthed something to each other.

Jamiroquai's new album Rock Dust Light Star is released today and is the band's first album since their 2005 offering Dynamite.

Their reaction was completely different to the other guest stars Bon Jovi and Rihanna, who also performed on the live show

Rihanna even got a very enthusiastic standing ovation from the judging panel and Dermot joked to Cheryl that it was good to see her smiling again.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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