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Emotional Matt Cardle moves Dannii and Cheryl to tears as he gets judges' first standing ovation of the series



Emotional: Matt Cardle's performance of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face brought the house down

It's been the girls who have been impressing the judges the most so far on The X Factor.
But tonight it was the turn of painter and decorator Matt Cardle, who brought the house down with his performance of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

The 27-year-old received a standing ovation from all four judges, and left his mentor Dannii Minogue in tears with his incredibly moving performance.

Teary-eyed: Matt's mentor Danni Minogue and judge Cheryl Cole were left teary-eyed after the performance

Standing ovation: All four judges were on their feet when Matt finished his performance

Afterwards, Cheryl said: 'That absolutely blew me away, that was amazing. I felt every single word that you said. It was spine-tingling. I get why you're a favourite. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.'

Simon added: 'That was completely and utterly stunning, just stunning. You know what, I was thinking tonight I like this group of contestants because I like the general attitude that you knew you didn't get it right last week, you picked yourself back up, you didn't blame anybody and you came back out here.'

Louis concurred: 'Another outstanding performance. The standard is so high tonight but I think you have absolutely stolen the show. With you it's all about the voice. I think you're the person that everyone has to beat in this competition.'

Powerful: Matt put his heart and soul into his performance and it definitely showed

Thrilled: Dannii remained standing as host Dermot O'Leary came on to the stage to congratulate Matt

And once she had recovered from the performance, Dannii said: 'You not only had the audience on their feet but all four judges. It was a perfect performance. I wish everyone at home knew the story about why you sang that song.'

Struggling to contain himself after his emotional performance, Matt told host Dermot O'Leary: 'I'm feeling a bit weak. Last week was a real struggle and I just wanted to come out and do my best. I feel so lucky.'

The show was opened by Cher Lloyd, who last week closed the show with an incredible performance of Shakespears Sister's Stay.

Style wars: But who won this week? Dannii, in an elegant gold shift dress, or Cheryl, in a black mini

Young and fresh, or elegant and refined? The judges have very different ideas of style

It was always going to be difficult for the 17-year-old to follow what Simon labelled 'the performance of the series', but Cher gave it a shot by bringing her own mix of soulful vocals and rapping ability to the stage.

But the judges weren't entirely convinced with her performance.
Simon said: 'After last week, I'm a little bit disappointed and I'll tell you why. Last week was 100 per cent original, it was different.

Going back to basics: Cher Lloyd couldn't top last week's performances but tried her hardest

Pretty in pink: The 17-year-old performed Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind

'This was a little bit copycat, I'm not blaming you. All I'm saying is that in the standard of the competition this year, to make the finals you have to be more original and therefore I think your mentor got a little bit lazy tonight.'

Dannii added: 'Cher you look so fresh tonight and that song was something that could have written for you. I really loved it. It's really hard to top that performance you did last week, but I liked it.'

But despite Simon's comments, Cheryl insisted she had found the 'perfect balance' with the song.

However, when host Dermot O'Leary questioned Simon about his opinion, the music mogul insisted he was just trying to help Cher, adding: 'I say it because im trying to help her becasue to make the final this year it's the hardest it's every going to be.'

Not so good: Mary Byrne failed to get the response of previous weeks with her shaky performance

And Cher replied: 'I appreciate that, i really go. You have got to have something else to back you up.'

Up next was Mary Byrne, who has so far wowed both the viewers and the judges with her performances in past live shows.

But again, she struggled to maintain the level she had previously achieved, and didn't do too well with her performance of Faith Hill's There You'll Be.

However, despite her shaky start to the song, Mary still got a huge round of applause from the audience following her performance.

Drama queen: Katie Waissel had a video of herself playing as she performed No Doubt's Don't Speak

Rock chick: Katie looked chic in an all-black outfit with a leotard and black leather trousers

Dannii told her: 'We are down to the top 10 and you see what it means to every contestant in this competition. I think tonight you didn't feel as though you were inside the song. But people absolutely love you and you give everyone strength.

'You have to understand the really important thing is that the only one who can win this for you is you. I want to see your strength back.'

And Cheryl agreed with Dannii's comments, adding: 'You seemed very emotional tonight and not really yourself but I hope you're here next week.'

But Louis said he was determined for Mary to make it to the final of the show, adding: 'You are a real person, you've got real talent and you're living your dream. I want you in the final and I'll do whatever I can do to get you there.'

Playing with fire: Aiden Grimshaw performed Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares 2 U

Asked by Dermot why she was feeling so nervous, Mary replied: 'I don't know, I haven't been in the zone at all this week and I've been feeling quite low and lonely for my daughter.

'I'm very nervous and I don't know why, I honestly don't know why.'
Next up was Katie Waissel, who performed No Doubt's Don't Speak.

After ending up in the bottom two last week alongside Belle Amie, Katie admitted she was nervous about taking to the stage. But she managed to pull it together for her performance.

Afterwards, Louis said: 'Katie, you're a fighter and to succeed in the music business you have to be tough. That was a brilliant performance, and I would like people to give you a chance and judge it on your vocals.'

Energetic: Paije performed a mash-up of Outkast's Hey Ya and I'm A Believer

And Katie showed her fighting spirit when she contested Simon after he told her 'the vocals went off in the middle, it looked like you were struggling.'

Katie replied: 'I felt I had the time of my life out there.'

To which Simon said: 'Parts of the performance were amazing. I also like the fact that you're not a whinger. You've had a couple of tough weeks and you have come back battling.'

Cheryl added: 'You are eccentric, you are a drama queen but it's all part of what I love about you.'

Aiden Grimshaw was next to take to the stage, and after his poor performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller last week, he was determined to get back on his feet.

But, while some people thought he may have left his intensity at home after the judges urged him to do a 'happy, lively' song, Aiden stuck to what he knew, and performed Nothing Compares 2 U, the song made famous by Sinead O'Connor.

After the performance, Louis told Aiden: 'You're one of the most consistent performers on the show.I think you are the perfect pop star - the image, the focus. And I like the fact you're intense. intense is good.'

Moving: Rebecca Ferguson struggled to contain her emotions as she sang Make You Feel My Love

And Simon added: 'What people don't know is that that song was only put in last night - you had 24 hours to learn it. And taking everything into account, I thought that was absolutely brilliant.'

Even Cheryl, who had been one of Aiden's most vocal critics, admitted: 'I now accept the fact you are an intense performer and I can't fault your singing.'

Aiden's mentor Dannii added: 'I think we kept the essence of you and took all the notes on board. I love the fact you are getting praise tonight. Well done.'

Another of Dannii's boys, Paije Richardson, was next to perform with a unique mash-up of I'm A Believer and Outkast's Hey Ya.

Following his performance, Cheryl told Paije: 'You absolutely made my night. Great song choice, amazing twist. My favourite performance of yours so far.'

Simon added: 'I loved the whole Austin Powers vibe, I liked the two songs. It was without question your best performance of the series so far.

Elvis with a funny foreign accent: Wagner maintained his previous standard of high energy performances

Unique: He performed Viva Las Vegas and The Wonder Of You, both by the King Elvis Presley

'I think you came out here to entertain, you really put on a show. I'm really really happy with you tonight.'

But Louis caused controversy when he called Paije a 'little Lenny Henry'.

He said: 'Week five and you’re getting better. You seem to be having more fun I like that we’re starting to see your personality. You’re like a little Lenny Henry.'

But Paije didn't seem to mind, telling Dermot: 'I'm just so excited right now. This is what I want to do and I'm just enjoying it to the max.'

Rebecca Ferguson, one of the favourites to win the show, was up next, singing Adele's Make You Feel My Love.

And, apart from Matt's performance, Rebecca's rendition went down the best with the judges.

Louis said: 'For the people that say there's no talent on X Factor, I hope they're watching tonight. you stand out, you are very special. I love everything about you.'

Breathtaking: Dannii said Treyc Cohen had some of her sparkle back as she performed

The little girl with a big voice: Treyc performed Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Dannii added: 'An amazing performance, you sang that with such soul. I feel something when I watch you perform - it's gorgeous.'

And Rebecca's mentor Cheryl added: 'My heart was pounding, my stomach was churning and the nation is willing you on. You've got something really special and it's an absolutely pleasure to be working with you.'

One of the most controversial contestants on the show, Wagner, was next to perform.
After taking on the musical legend that was Elvis Presley, the Brazilian singer decided to mix up Viva Las Vegas and The Wonder Of You.

Before taking to the stage, Wagner said: 'Elvis is back with a moustache and a funny foreign accent!'

But Wagner, who has a Facebook campaign backing him to win, didn't impress the judges with his out of tune, out of time rendition - although Simon did admit he had been won over by the unique performance.

Having fun: Simon's last remaining act One Direction performed The Kids In America

What a show! The boys were joined by cheerleaders, and all wore similar outfits

He said: 'When you go to a funfair and you go on the big dipper it's something you like but shouldn't like and I've kind of got to that place with you now. I'm actually concerned that I actually liked the performance!'

And Wagner's mentor Louis said: 'The second song was really good - I think it proves to your critics that you can sing. Wagner, you have a cult following and I want them to lift their phones now.'

After his performance, Wagner told the judges: 'To the judges I just want to say I thank you so much for being here, I love you. And if I sometimes sing out of time or out of tune, I'm only human.'

Treyc Cohen was up next, with a stunning performance of Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.

Following her song, Louis said: 'You're looking really great tonight. No matter what song you're given you always come out and give it 100 per cent.'

What do you think? The judges were stunned by how high the standard was on the show

But Simon added: 'I can't fault that vocal. You are a great singer. Having said that, it's like, if you have a lion, you want it to bite you, not lick you.

'And that's what you're missing at the moment, that killer instinct and that belief that you can win. You've got to get that.'

It was up to Simon's one last act, One Direction, to close the show with a lively performance of The Kids Of America.

After the performance, which came complete with hundreds of cheerleaders and matching outfits, Louis said: 'You could be the next big band. I loved everythign about the performance. But I have to get my rule book out, this song was not even a hit in America. You cheated, Simon.'

But Simon insisted: 'When you came out it was like sunshine on a beautiful day and then Louis the thunder cloud comes along!'

Cheryl added: 'That absolutely cheered me up and brightened up my night. You are a great kids, nice kids!'

The X Factor is on ITV1 tomorrow night at 8pm, when Shayne Ward and Kylie Minogue will be performing.

source: dailymail

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