Saturday, 6 November 2010

'He's like an ageing Harry Potter!' Simon Cowell's glasses do NOT have the Specs factor



Simon Cowell... or Harry Potter? The X Factor judge revealed his glasses on The X Factor last night

Since the X Factor started, there has been a lot of attention on what judges Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue are wearing.

But on last night's show, the style wars went out the window when a shot of music mogul Simon Cowell reminiscent of those worn by boy wizard Harry Potter was shown.

It's the first time the 51-year-old judge, who is notoriously vain about his appearance, has ever been seen wearing any eyewear other than sunglasses.

pitting image: The likeness between Cowell and Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, is uncanny

And fans flocked to Twitter in their thousands commenting on the rimless round pair Cowell had chosen in the VT before his remaining act One Direction's performance.

One person wrote on Twitter: 'When Simon Cowell wears his glasses, he looks like an ageing Harry Potter.'

While another added: 'Simon Cowell in glasses looks like a 50-year-old Harry Potter...'

Someone tweeted: 'Simon cowell and harry potter separated at birth :) Loved thoses glasses lol'

But one fan said it was probably the fact that Cowell had forgotten to take the glasses off that viewers ever got to see them, adding: 'I bet you anything you will never see Simon Cowell wearing glasses again!'

source: dailymail


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