Friday, 5 November 2010

Nice try, Gavin! Henson gets up close and personal with Strictly Come Dancing partner as they hit the rugby pitch



Nice try, Gavin! Henson and Strictly Come Dancing partner Katya Virshilas get up close and personal on the rugby pitch

They've been denying reports of a romance since they first started together on Strictly Come Dancing.

But yesterday Gavin Henson and Katya Virshilas did little to dispel the rumours as they got up close and personal on the rugby pitch.

The 28-year-old rugby player appeared to be trying to teach Katya a few things as they practiced various tackles in the park as they took a break from rehearsals.

However, while Lithuania-born Katya, 27, picked up some tips from sportsman Gavin, she also took the opportunity to test her partner's lifts as they tried various dance moves on the green.

And the pair's photo opportunity also put paid to reports that Gavin was at risk of missing tonight's show because he had come down with a bug.

But the father-of-two looked healthier than ever as he messed around with Katya on the field, tackling her to the ground as she attempted to outsmart him on the pitch.

While Katya is happy living with her boyfriend Klaus Kongsdal in London, Gavin admitted recently that he does find his partner attractive on the dancefloor.

Careful! Katya screams as Gavin tackles her to the ground

Hilarious: But Gavin finds the whole situation highly amusing as he messed around

He said: 'I fancy her. Oh, I wish she was single. But unfortunately she's already going out with a champion dancer from Denmark so there's no chance. I'm devastated.'

While Gavin has failed to top the leaderboard since he started on the show, he has definitely improved on the dancefloor over the past six weeks.

And the rugby player thinks he has started to get better after finally figuring out how to 'let go'.

Dirty Dancing: Gavin and Katya even practised a Dirty Dancing-style lift

Eek! But Gavin couldn't keep hold of Katya and she went plummeting to the ground

He said recently: 'At first it was hard to let go, but now I feel relaxed. I hope the judges can see the difference.'

But Gavin's attitude on the show hasn't gone down too well with former Strictly professional dancer Lilia Kopylova, who was the 2005 champion with partner Darren Gough.

She said: 'I'm not Gavin's biggest fan. I think he's arrogant and has the wrong attitude.'

Cuddling up: The pair have been trying to dispel romance rumours since the show started six weeks ago

'He makes remarks that annoy me, like when Tess asked him how he found his dance, and he said "Well, at least I looked good."

'You just don't say that - it's not appealing to the public. People who voted for him must only be voting for his six-pack and pecs!

'If it was a competition on the best six-pack, of course he'd win.'

Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC1 at 6.15pm tonight.

Exercising: Katya tries to beat Gavin as she sprints down the pitch

Fitness tips: Gavin also showed Katya exactly how to do the perfect sit-up

source: dailymail

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