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'Sorry Simon, I'm getting a new tattoo!' Rebellious Cher Lloyd defies X Factor judge by asking fans for inking suggestions



Rebellious streak: Cher Lloyd is determined to defy X Factor judge Simon Cowell by getting another tattoo

She's been causing controversy with her confident attitude and diva-like behaviour since she first auditioned for The X Factor.

But 17-year-old Cher Lloyd is sure to ruffle a few feathers with her latest decision, after revealing she is planning to defy the show's head judge Simon Cowell by adding another tattoo to her collection.

Cher already has a musical note etched on her left hand as well as 'Bolsillo Lleno De Suenos', Spanish for 'a pocket full of dreams', inked along her right forearm, and a bow on her lower back.

However, Cher is determined to extend her collection of inkings, and has asked fans for help on deciding what she should go for.

She said: 'Even though Simon doesn't approve of tattoos the thing is I'm my own person and think it'd be cool to get another one. I'm going to ask people what I should get...they can send me ideas on Twitter!'

And despite her rebellious behaviour, Cher admits she is often scared of music mogul Cowell.

Etchings: She already has a musical note on her left hand and a Spanish phrase on her right forearm

Not enough: And she even has a bow inked on her lower back

She said: 'I'm scared to death of Simon sometimes, in a good way! He's got this look, he's so powerful it's unreal, if he looks at you in that way I nearly die. He's like God...I would get on the floor and salute him.

'But if I didn't agree with him on something I'd still tell him. In fact - have done a few times. Simon is nearly always right but I'd still tell him if I didn't agree!'
Cher also spoke about the fact she has been portrayed as a 'diva' since her time on the show.

Unique style: Cher has caused controversy on the X Factor with her sometimes diva-like behaviour

She explained: 'I occasionally have a little tantrum - I laugh my head off at my little tantrums afterwards, but they're not really tantrums, I'm just stating the reason I'm unhappy. I think it's always the best.

Concerned: But what will judge Simon Cowell make of her decision?

'You've got to say because otherwise no-one will hear you out. If someone doesn't listen I keep on at them until they do! You have to do that otherwise you will blame everyone else when things go wrong.

'If you don't like something then just say it for goodness sake! There's no point moaning afterwards.

'No-one does anything they don't want to do. If you want or don't want to do something you have to make yourself heard - don't complain about it, just get on with it. I know Simon respects that. He likes divas!
'I just want everything to be perfect, that's all. So sometimes I can be a diva but at least I admit it.'

Cher has also faced criticism for her tiny size six figure since first appearing on the show, and admits she does find it difficult to accept the way she looks.

She said: ''I am very insecure about the way I look, like every teenager, and I'd love to say to other girls you shouldn't be as if everyone was perfect the world would be a very boring place.'

Despite her insecurities, Cher has apparently been proving a hit with some of her fellow male X Factor contestants.

But while she has been romantically linked to One Direction's Harry Styles, Cher only has eyes for one man - The Wanted's Nathan Sykes.

She laughed: 'Nathan from The Wanted, what a hottie! I've got a picture on me and him on my phone. He's single and 17 but we didn't swap numbers.

'I tootled off in my high heels and forgot! Nathan, if you're reading this, give me a sign, get my number, just say hello and make my day!'

The performance of the series: Will Cher be able to live up to last week's performance of Stay on this weekend's live shows?

Cher will be joining the remaining X Factor finalists to perform live for the judges tonight.

And as things start to get more and more tense on the show, there will now be double evictions for the next two weeks.

The contestants are believed to be singing tracks from the category American Anthems live this evening.

The X Factor is on ITV1 tonight at 7.45pm.

source: dailymail

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