Thursday, 4 November 2010

Welcome to LA 'dimples': Cheryl Cole makes a whistle-stop trip to visit 'friend' Derek Hough



Low-profile: Derek Hough arrives at the Century Building apartment block in Century City - as Cheryl Cole stays in the car

They've refused to clarify the nature of their relationship, but it appears Cheryl Cole is clearly still very fond of 'close friend' Derek Hough.

Despite being in the thick of the X Factor live shows, the pop star jetted to Los Angeles this week for a brief reunion with the professional dancer after a two month separation.

The 27-year-old singer was spotted keeping a low-profile in Derek's car as he pulled up outside the plush Century apartment block in Century City on Wednesday.

Pet name: Derek wrote a public message addressed to Cheryl on his Twitter page, calling her 'dimples'

Derek has been equally busy in daily rehearsals with Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey for Dancing With The Stars, which he won earlier this year with Nicole Scherzinger.

Cole has kept fans guessing over the nature of her relationship with Hough since she split from ex-husband Ashley Cole in February.

Why so shy? Cheryl hid in Derek's Audi as he talked to doormen at the Century building

While Hough, 25, was happy to be photographed in his jeans and shirt, Cole hid in the front seat of his black Audi - with just her dyed red hair just visible over the dashboard.

The day of Cheryl's visit coincided with Derek writing a public declaration of congratulations to the singer on his Twitter page after her single Promise This got to number one on Sunday.

He wrote yesterday: 'Dimples is number one wahooooooooooooooooo !!!! So proud of her, especially after such a tough year.'

The pair haven't seen each other for the beginning of September since Cheryl returned to London from LA for the X Factor live shows.

Close: Cheryl pictured with Derek in LA in February, where she fled after news of Ashley Cole's alleged infidelities

The pair have been friends since last year when he starred alongside her in her video for Parachute.

But after Cheryl was humiliated by tabloid reports of the footballer's alleged indiscretions, she fled to LA to seek solace with Hough.

He then tried to lift her spirits with a trip to Tanzania in June - where she ended up being bitten by a malarial mosquito.

She then surprised fans when she jetted off to LA in July to finish recording her new album and film her video for Promise This just two weeks after leaving hospital for her malaria treatment.

After recovering from her health battle, Cheryl hailed Derek for saving her life by suggesting she take a blood test after she started feeling the early symptoms of the illness.

She told Piers Morgan's Life Stories last month: 'He's an amazing, amazing person.'
She said she was angry at him at first for suggesting a blood test because she didn't like needles.

But in retrospect, she now says his actions most probably saved her life.
She explained: 'I can never repay him for that.'

However, she kept people guessing about the status of her relationship with the Dancing With The Stars professional.

‘I am not confirming or denying anything. People can think he's my boyfriend, people can think he's my best friend.’

Ex factor: Cheryl's former husband Ashley Cole was out partying in London's Soho last night

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