Thursday, 4 November 2010

The X Factor stars as babies... before the tears and tantrums


A star is born: Katie Waissel as a baby and right, as a glamorous 24-year-old beaming on the X Factor stage

They have provided more than their fair share of tears and tantrums this year.

But here are the X Factor finalists at times when such diva behaviour would have earned them a telling off rather than a television audience of millions.

And when it comes to appearances, it seems some of them haven’t changed much.

If the cap fits: Cher Lloyd as a toddler and right at 17

Baby Katie Waissel displays the same pout and steely look of determination she frequently flashes on the show, while toddler Cher Lloyd is already showing signs of her rebellious streak with her baseball cap perched backwards on her head.

A young Matt Cardle has the same tousled hair and cheeky expression that have won the hearts of teenage girls across the country, and little Aiden Grimshaw looks as though he has already perfected his signature intense stare.

Wearing a navy and white polka dot shirt and colour co-ordinated cap, a youthful Paije Richardson is even showing early signs of his eye-catching on-stage fashion sense.

Sweet: Matt Cardle as a child and at 27 as an X Factor favourite, right

Angelic: Baby Rebecca Ferguson and right aged 23

Innocent: Young Aiden Grimshaw and right the intense 18-year-old

But baby Rebecca Ferguson is almost unrecognisable, with a mop of curly hair that’s a far cry from her perfectly groomed X Factor persona.

And a fresh-faced Treyc Cohen has a gap in her teeth that can no longer be seen in her on-screen smile.

Wide-eyed: Treyc Cohen then, and right aged 26 after another storming performance

Cute: Paije Richardson as a child, and right as a 19-year-old star

Arguably, though, it’s One Direction – Liam, 17, Louis, 18, Harry, 16, Niall, 17 and Zain, 17 – who have changed the least.

The baby-faced boys look nearly as youthful on the show today as they do in these childhood photos.

Popstars: One Direction's young men are set to succeed on the show

Young direction: Smiling Harry Styles and, right, cheeky Zain Malik

source: dailymail

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