Thursday, 9 December 2010

What’s the longest that you’ve ever worn tights for?

What’s the longest that you’ve ever worn tights for? How many days? Or is it weeks? Have you ever grabbed a pair of tights out of the laundry basket, out of sheer desperation, in a rush? According to a recent survey a huge 62% of you have!

Even more of a shock, is that over half (54%) of all respondents own a pair of tights that are over five years old! Interestingly though, this isn’t because you aren’t willing to spend money on tights; 65% of people are more than happy to spend over £11, on a single pair of tights!

Thereare many health risks associated with using used tights and old tights, not to mention being incredibly uncomfortable and probably out of style! Obviously grabbing a pair of used tights in a rush, on the odd occasion isn’t going to result in a life threatening illness but washing them regularly is important.

Ditch the old tights ladies and keep the dirty ones in the wash!

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