Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kate to wear Aristoc

Kate Middleton will wear elegant undergarments underneath her marriage skirt on April 29. The pattern of the skirt is still a closely-guarded secret, but the stockings will apparently come from Aristoc, a British brand that advertises pantyhose and other legwear to make a lady look, “slimmer, sexier and self-confident.” 

“The Aristoc brand is made in Derbyshire and is well known for product innovation, pleasing production with back seams, great yarns, and special skill with shaping,” mentioned a orator is to company, as US publication reports. They us e usually “ultra-luxe” fabrics, firm sources report, for their much-sought-after spousal legware, nonetheless either the textile selected will be silk or a form of nylon is not specified. White is a protected guess, of course, and the stockings will be sheee William’s marriage fit is as closely-guarded a secret as Kate Middleton’s marriage dress. It is now being stored in a secret place and will be delivered by bullet-proof car, 
r, with a excellent sheen, sandal toes, and a low floral edging top. Garters? Again, it has not been specified precisely that Kate Middleton will wear, but in all odds these will stockings, and will, therefore, need garters or a garter belt. Aristoc is ready to supply whatever the bride wants. In conventional British-speak, the firm suggests their product flatters, “Bum, tum, and thigh.”
Kates style follows.

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Kate Middleton Leaving The Hairdressers In Kings Road, London 2008-04-03

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