Monday, 27 June 2011

16oC is the ideal temperature for Northern Irish ladies to ditch their tights for summer, women's fashion, mums

It seems that summer arrives earlier each year yet many women in Northern Ireland are unsure when to banish their winter comfort clothing to the back of the wardrobe.
We all know what it’s like to put away the tights only for the temperature to drop again, not to mention the fact that legs which have been hidden behind 60 deniers for 6 months need major preparation to get summer worthy – depilation, exfoliation and self tan top the list for making legs perfect! To help encourage ladies to get summer ready, Boots has launched T-Day – the day when women will ditch their tights for summer. 
Boots asked women in Northern Ireland* to name the ideal temperature at which they banish their hosiery and almost a third (31%) agreed that if the mercury hits 16oC, tights could be ditched for the day whereas women in the rest of the UK, waited for the temperatures to hit 19 oC before they could believe that summer has arrived! 
With our unreliable weather and cooler conditions than down south, 51% of women said that they would definitely consider putting their tights back on again and only 17% claimed there was no going back once they had made that decision to ditch those tights for summer! 
Exfoliation and fake tan were high on the agenda in preparation for baring legs for summer with 48% of ladies saying they wouldn’t ditch their tights without lashings of fake tan. The preferred method of de-fuzzing is shaving with 60% ladies in Northern Ireland preferring this over waxing or epilation. Boots carries a wide range of depilatories, exfoliators, self tans and moisturisers – everything you need to get your pins ready for warmer weather. 
When we asked women which celebrity legs they most admired, Jennifer Aniston topped the polls with 34% closely followed by Kelly Brook with 30%, however Victoria Beckham’s shapely pins did not win over fans with only 8% of the vote. 
Fashionista and model Lucy Evangelista comments, "Our variable climate means that most women in Northern Ireland find it difficult to trust the weather forecast. Even if it feels that the weather is getting warmer it takes a few days of continuous good weather before we’ll ditch the winter tights. Start the preparations early so you’ll feel confident to expose your legs once T-Day arrives

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