Monday, 6 June 2011

Some pink dye and conditioner

Surfing on the web just to waste time sometimes has it's rewards: Last week I landed on Rodeo, a Swedish fashion/blogging conglomerate. One of the blogs featured on the site is from Agnes Braunerhielms, and what I could tell from Google Translate, is mostly fashion criticism and Lady Gaga posts.

Anyhow, Rodeo did a series of videos asking some questions to their bloggers, one of them being Agnes B. So, little did I know Agnes has amazing light-dusty-pink hair. The color is stronger around the roots, and just turns back to her natural (?) blonde hair at the ends.

Agnes Braunerhielm om Paris modevecka: KOMMERSIALISM VS KREATIVITET from Lisa Corneliusson on Vimeo.

So, here are some screenshots I took from the video:

New hair inspiration? I think so!

Photo credit: Vimeo

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